International Village School

It's not just another secondary school
Most schools in rural areas are not able to offer a high level of education. In some schools the ratio of textbooks is one book for every ten pupils. Sometimes the teacher has the only textbook and the required syllabus is not always completed in the year. In all government schools, textbooks must remain on school premises and are not allowed to be taken home for studying.

A fees subsidy was introduced in 2008 in Kenya for secondary schools with classes between 40 and 45 students. However, fees still remain beyond the means of many rural Kenyans. Secondary school fees in Western Kenya plus the cost of books, meals, uniforms and other school charges still regularly exceed $500 a year and sometimes more than $1'000. When 80% of families in some villages are trying to survive on less than a dollar a day, it is impossible for them to educate their children beyond primary school without assistance.

High academic results
ConnectSwiss opened its own mixed secondary day school in 2008 for high-performing but needy students. The school follows the Kenyan curriculum but has international standards. It has between 95 and 100 students each year. The school's senior class (Form 4) has come second in the district in National exams every year since 2011 and the school is ranked 60th out of 523 private schools  in Kenya - a remarkable achievement for a day school catering for poor rural students.

International Village School is not just another High School it is a unique school which targets very poor but high performing students who would otherwise be unable to attend secondary school.  More than 50% of our students attend completely free; the rest pay reduced fees.

At International Village School, each student has their own textbooks
At the International Village School, every student has their own textbook in every subject. The school focuses its resources on providing the necessary learning environment and tools for the best possible performance of every student. This is also why students get a free cup of porridge early in the morning as well as a substantial lunch so that no one is running on an empty stomach.

Extra curricular activities including films, books and sports combine to make this village school a unique learning opportunity for rural teenagers.

2016 Funding Needs

"Education is the only key."
- Synydah, a student who has only one parent and lives in poor conditions 

National Exam results (KCSE)
  2012 2013


Pass rate 100% 100% 100% 100%
Mean score 7.9 8.48 8.64 8.35
Ranked in district 2nd 2nd

rankings no longer given by Ed Dept.

Ranked in county 6th 5th
Proportion of students with B- or above 57% 71%



International Village School is based in Emuhaya, Vihiga County