The Children's Support Centre is not an orphanage and all the children we assist return home to their extended families. Children need to remain part of their community and in rural areas, retain their rights to family land when they are orphans. Home visits are important and the Centre does a lot of follow-up to educate guardians and continues to help with food, school uniforms, blankets and mosquito nets for vulnerable children.


Since the Centre opened in 2009, it has rehabilitated over 1’700 children suffering from malnutrition or severe parasitic infestation and provided more than 40'000 free outpatient consultations. In addition, the Centre provides in-patient and out-patient treatment, home visits, parent education including hygiene and agriculture, as well as support groups for those caring for orphans.     

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Rehabilitation and support


Going beyond the Centre

At a glance:

  • Our in-school clinics treat common ailments & make referrals.
  • Community seed distribution & farmer education to improve agricultural yields.
  • Mosquito net distribution to reduce malaria.
  • Clean water projects. Read more.

30 chf

will cover a malnourished child's rehabilitation for one month

1 in 3 child deaths is linked to malnutrition

Wherever we can we meet basic needs in our local community. Many are too poor to afford life saving healthcare provisions such as mosquito nets or to treat common ailments. Such interventions are simple and cheap yet save many lives.